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Hygienic Cleaning

Patients can proactively protect their oral health by maintaining a strict dental hygiene routine at home. An essential part of preventive care, however, includes regular biannual cleanings at our state-of-the-art office. Our team can treat hard-to-reach areas, like molars, that are prone to plaque buildup during your cleaning. We may recommend deep cleaning if a patient has plaque collecting below the gum line. Patients may also be candidates for fluoride treatments that strengthen the teeth and enamel, guarding against decay and cavities. These appointments are an opportunity for Dr. Ramirez to screen for early signs of oral health problems, such as pre-cancerous lesions. 

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Dr. Ramirez has many years of experience in tooth extractions. As with all of the treatments he offers, he is focused on making extractions as comfortable as possible for patients. While preserving natural teeth is of paramount importance in dentistry, sometimes severe decay or other oral conditions require the removal of a tooth. 

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Oral Cancer Screening

In addition to helping our patients achieve beautiful, healthy smiles, we are committed to protecting each patient's general health. As part of our periodic examinations, Dr. Ramirez offers oral cancer screenings to aid in early diagnosis. Oral cancer screening is a simple, painless process in which Dr. Ramirez meticulously examines the gums, teeth, tongue, and full mouth for pre-cancerous and cancerous signs, like sores or lesions. Early detection is your best defense against oral cancer.

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Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants are a modern variation of the traditional dental implant. They are smaller in diameter than traditional implants, and in some cases, can be placed in a single day. Mini dental implants can support dental restorations after a shorter healing time than traditional implants, and can provide outstanding support for dentures and partials. The best candidates for mini implants are patients who have adequate bone mass in the jaw, and are seeking prompt attention following tooth loss.

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Root Canal Therapy

A tooth's hard enamel protects its vulnerable, pulp inner chamber. Trauma and decay can introduce bacteria to the inner pulp, leading to infection. Classic symptoms of an infected tooth include pain, swelling, and sensitivity while chewing. Dr. Ramirez offers nearly painless root canal therapy to save teeth whose health is threatened by infection. When a tooth's root becomes damaged, root canal therapy removes the damaged or necrotic  tissue, preventing the further spread of infection to the surrounding gum and bone. After root canal treatment is complete, a permanent dental crown will be placed to protect and strengthen the weakened tooth. 

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Dr. Ramirez offers a full range of orthodontic solutions for straightening the teeth and aligning the jaws. From traditional metal braces to Six Month Smiles®‎, Dr. Ramirez can create a solution that works for each patient's needs and lifestyle. Since orthodontic treatments range in price and duration of treatment, it is important that each patient understands his or her options. Our team will help patients and their loved ones find an orthodontic solution that works for them.

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Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder

Dr. Raul F. Ramirez offers a range of general dentistry services to our patients in New Orleans and surrounding communities. TMJ disorder occurs when the bite is misaligned and the temporomandibular joint becomes stressed. This strain can lead to soreness, tenderness, pain, headaches, and other uncomfortable symptoms. If you receive a diagnosis of TMJ disorder, Dr. Ramirez  will discuss available treatment options available at our office. Dr. Ramirez practices neuromuscular dentistry, which may involve treating the alignment of the jaw itself, as well as utilizing tools like splints, bite plates, extractions, and other dental techniques.

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