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Dental Implants New Orleans

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Do you have a gap in your smile, or have dentures that slip out of place? Dr. Raul Ramirez can help by placing mini dental implants for you in his New Orleans practice. Unlike traditional implants, which require multiple surgeries and several months of healing time, mini dental implants can be placed and restored in a single visit. You can arrive at our office with an incomplete smile, and leave with a fully functional smile, ready to bite into a crisp apple or a juicy t-bone! Dental implants offer the absolute best support for dentures, bridges, and crowns. Implanted in the jaw, dental implants are titanium posts that fuse to the bone, functioning like natural tooth roots. Restorations can be attached directly to the implant to create a smile that looks and feels natural. With proper care, patients can enjoy a lifetime support with their dental implants. Contact us today to learn how mini dental implants can help you.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Traditional dentures are held in place with a mild adhesive. This can make them prone to slipping while eating or speaking, which can be very frustrating and awkward. Implant-retained dentures, however, are firmly held in place, allowing you to chew and speak with total confidence.

Implants are also a great alternative for people who need bridges. With traditional bridges, the teeth next to the gap are altered to accommodate the crowns that hold the bridge in place. Implant-supported bridges, on the other hand, do not require the healthy teeth to be altered, and rely only on the implant for support.

Dental implants also have the added benefit of maintaining the structure of your jaw. When the tooth root is missing, the body begins to resorb bone cells. This can cause jaw atrophy, as well as the loss of other teeth. Because the body perceives the dental implant as tooth roots, the resorption process is halted. With your dental implants, you can avoid the loss of bone mass in the jaw.

Mini Dental Implant Placement

Dr. Ramirez exclusively places mini dental implants, an ultra-modern variation on traditional dental implants. These small titanium posts – about half the diameter of traditional implants – are surgically embedded directly into the jaw, and can support a set of dentures, bridges or crowns right away. We have an onsite laboratory where we can create your custom dentures, partials, or crown, so you can leave our office with a complete and functional smile. In some cases, we may be able to modify your existing dentures to attach to your dental implants.

Mini implants offer patients a chance to go from suffering with a compromised smile to enjoying the benefits of a full and beautiful smile within a single visit to our office. However, not everyone is a candidate for mini implants; some patients are better candidates for traditional implants. Dr. Ramirez will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine which kind of implant is best for you. If necessary, he can refer you to a provider of traditional implants.

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If you are missing teeth, or if you already wear dentures and want better support, mini dental implants might be the solution for you. Dental implants can restore the beauty and functionality of your smile, allowing you to enjoy your life without worrying that your dentures might slip out of place. Contact us today to find out if mini dental implants are right for you.