A Removable Partial Denture Can Replace Teeth Lost to Severe Cavities

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Chronic inconsistencies in your oral hygiene practices can cause small cavities to develop on multiple teeth. If you forgo professional treatment, these small areas of tooth decay could lead to large dental health problems. In time, decay could even lead to tooth loss. teeth.

If even what remains of the roots are too severely compromised for our dentist, Dr. Raul Ramirez to treat with a root canal, he may need to extract the tooth to alleviate the pain and prevent a dangerous infection from developing in your gums. After any infection concerns have passed and your gums have fully healed, our dentist can help you understand your options for addressing the void left in your mouth. If you lack the sufficient healthy bone structure in the area to support a dental implant restoration we might recommend providing you with a removable partial denture. The partial denture will need to be produced in a professional dental lab and designed to closely mimic the shape, appearance, and presence of your missing teeth.

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