How Can Full Mouth Reconstruction Match Your Smile Goals?

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You may need restorative dentistry if you are struggling with significant oral health issues as the result of a disease or bad accident. It’s important to see Dr. Raul Ramirez right away to determine the appropriate treatment, as some dental problems can require an in-depth approach. We offer full mouth reconstruction for patients who need significant tooth repair and are interested in gaining beautiful smiles as a result.

Tooth loss is one of the most common reasons to receive full mouth reconstruction, though it can also address oral disease and other forms of tooth damage. We perform this procedure process to restore the healthy oral function of your smile, but your customized results can also offer a cosmetic effect. You see, treatment is based on the plan that you discuss with our dentist ahead of time so that we can provide the results you need the most.

There are many unexpected benefits that can come with full mouth reconstruction, including relief from jaw pain or a persistent clicking noise when you eat. Additionally, we can improve tooth alignment so that your teeth are close together and more even, improving their hygiene and your breath. By reducing facial pain, we can help you sleep better and avoid other chronic health issues.

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