Should You Get a Composite Filling?

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The location of a cavity in your mouth will determine what kind of filling you will need. For your back teeth which exert a great deal of pressure when you chew your food, a gold or an amalgam filling may be the best choice since they are very durable. But if you have a cavity that is easily visible to other people, you might want to talk with our dentist, Dr. Raul Ramirez about a composite, or tooth-colored filling.

The primary reason that composite fillings have become popular is that they can be colored to blend in with your tooth. They are a mixture of powdered glass and acrylic resin and bond directly to the surface of your tooth.

After the dentist has removed any decay, he will ix the composite until its color matches your tooth. It takes longer to place a composite filling than other types since the tooth must be kept dry during the process, and the composite is applied in layers. Each layer must be cured before the next one can be applied.

Composite fillings are not as strong as other fillings and because of that, they are usually used for smaller cavities in teeth that will not experience a great deal of pressure. They can be stained, so you should keep that in mind when you enjoy dark-colored foods and drinks.

If you have a tooth with a cavity, and you are interested in a composite filling, you should make an appointment with Raul Ramirez DDS in Metairie, Louisiana to find out if it is right for you. To schedule your visit, you can contact our office at 504-885-3255.