At-Home Teeth Whitening in Metairie, LA

At-Home Teeth Whitening in Metairie, LA

With at-home whitening, you can get the white smile you want from the comfort of your home using a customized kit tailored to meet your needs and fit your schedule. At Raul Ramirez DDS, our dentist will take impressions of your teeth and use them to craft custom plastic trays that fit your smile perfectly. These trays are designed to hold the whitening gel against your teeth where needed while keeping the gel away from your sensitive gum tissue, ensuring a comfortable treatment that wouldn’t irritate your gums or cause tooth sensitivity.

When you receive your teeth whitening kit from the dental office, our dentist will go over the instructions with you and provide follow-up care.

Patients usually expect to see the final results after just a week or so of regular use at home. However, the time it takes before results can be seen may vary based on which type of whitening gel our cosmetic dentist uses and the sensitivity of your teeth.

The Causes of Tooth Discoloration

When you eat or drink foods or drinks that stain your teeth, the compounds and pigments in the food and beverages cause stains on the surface of your teeth, making them look yellow or brown. Cigarette smoking also discolors and darkens the teeth over time.

For patients with extrinsic staining caused by aging, drinking coffee, tea, wine, soda, berries, candy, and other foods and beverages, teeth whitening is a good option for improving the look of their smile.

The Benefits of At-Home Teeth Whitening

Compared to store-bought products, at-home kits provided by our office are more effective because they use a stronger concentration of whitening gel. This means that you will see quicker results and will be able to maintain your brighter smile for longer. Our at-home kits also include custom-fit trays designed for your mouth to prevent gums irritation. This and the fact that they are significantly cheaper than in-office treatments make them an excellent option for budget-conscious patients.

Many people are self-conscious about the appearance of their smile, and whitening treatments can drastically improve self-confidence. Some patients ask their doctor about whitening because they feel uncomfortable with their teeth's appearance. Patients with discoloration may also experience pain when eating or drinking certain foods that stain. This can make daily life uncomfortable and even painful. Whitening can improve these problems by brightening the teeth and reducing tooth sensitivity.

At-home whitening is an excellent option for patients who want to have whiter teeth but don’t have time for multiple appointments at the dental office. If you have questions about our at-home whitening system, visit Raul Ramirez DDS at 2816 Lake Villa Dr, Metairie, LA 70002, or call (504) 885-3255 for more information!


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